How Do Anti-Aging Foods Work?

How Do Anti-Aging Foods Work-Looking younger, with a flawless glowing skin and a fit body, is an idea alluring to almost everyone. You may want to climb up the stairs without any hiccups, to have less stiffness in your body when you wake up, to have more energy and endurance to finish up those taxing physical and mental tasks.

Drugstores aisles are jammed with all kinds of vitamins, minerals and herbal products which supposedly aid you to achieve age-defying goals. One such natural anti-aging product is a new anti-aging formula Beauty Replenish. The makers claim this cream is made up of all herbal ingredients which restores your skin and makes it supple.

There are many superfoods which apparently help you retain your youth by protecting your heart and brain, reducing skin damage, minimizing joint damage; some are even known to cure diseases but how do these superfoods exactly work?

What Is Their Mechanism?

The very processes which are required to keep our bodies running sometimes play a role in undermining its own vitality. The cells in your body derive the fuel from the foods you eat, the food breaks down and gets converted in sugar which then gets converted into energy. During this process, compounds called free radicals are also released.

Free radicals are chemically unstable compounds which damage cells in your body. Free radicals can cause inflammation, which can further cause release of even more free radicals. This process accelerates cellular damage, reduces your longevity and affects your overall well-being.

Cell damage may actually cause many signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, crow feet, saggy, and patchy skin. Your body does have a safety mechanism to catch and kill free radicals but external factors such as sunlight, pollution and internal factors like diseases and stress can overpower and slow down the process.

If you are researching about best anti-aging diets, there are chances you must have come across the word ‘anti-oxidants’ quite a few times. So, your body releases anti-oxidants to keep the system running swiftly.

Aging has also affects inner body and eventually your metabolism slows down and it impacts the rest of your system. A study that appeared in Newsweek called Morris’s Study showed that people who ate an antioxidant rich diet on daily basis had a brain younger by 11 years compared to their peers.

It is important to provide your body with foods which may help accelerate this process. No research has backed if antioxidants actually slow down aging but some of the evidence appears to be promising.

What Else Can Help You?

  • Exercising

Exercising helps in releasing toxins and combating oxidative stress. Sallam and Laher’s study states that regular exercise decreases oxidative damage associated with stress and helps in the upkeep of your heart, liver, arteries and plasma

  • Yoga specially is good for your brain health. Researches show that people who practiced yoga on regular basis had longer telomeres (they are caps in the end of DNA, just like plastic tips at the end of shoelaces which protects them from wearing out. Telomere length is inversely proportional to aging) in their leukocytes compared to those who didn’t do it.

7 Anti-Aging Herbs Backed By Ayurveda!

You can delay your aging process by herbs that grow in your kitchen garden. Ayurveda is the art of living in harmony with nature. You can use those herbs which will complement your other anti-aging efforts. These herbs are called ‘rasayana’ herbs. Rasayana literally stands for what destroys old age and disease.

1. Tinospora Cordifolia Or Guduchi Or Giloy

Tinospora Cordifolia Or Guduchi Or Giloy

A mythical story goes like when the gods churned the primordial ocean, an ambrosial nectar was created. This nectar was supposed to grant immortality to whosoever drank it. It was Guduchis’ nectar.

It is a potent herb which is known to revive skin tissues and curb skin inflammation.

2. Neem or Indian Lilac

Neem or Indian Lilac

Neem has been recognised by Ayurveda as one of the most potent herbs. It is being used in most of the ayurvedic products, cosmetic as well as medicinal. You can use neem leaves topically or consume it as a tonic.

3. Shilajit or Asphaltum

Shilajit or Asphaltum

Shilajit is a humble herb which is capable of modifying your aging genes if ingested in your body”, concluded a medical study. Shilajit helps in restoring the permeability of the cells and consequently your body is able to absorb nutrients far more efficiently.

4. Licorice


Didn’t you love licorice treats when you were young? Well, here is a backed-by-science reason to love them even more. Licorice stops the dark spots in their very tracks and make them appear lighter. According to another study, licorice provides a protective shield against then sun and strengthens skins’ natural defense system.

5. Brahmi Or Bacopa

Brahmi Or Bacopa

Anti-aging isn’t complete without something enhancing your brain and memory as well! Bacopa has myriad of anti-aging benefits when it comes to skin care. Bacopa was used in ancient times to heal wounds as it helps in skin regeneration.

6. Saffron


Saffron is an excellent skin-lightening agent. It has a balancing effect on skin. It is a great skin revitalizer which has a soothing smell. It is great for your skin as well as eyes. Remember both these senses tend to age prematurely.

7. Turmeric

Turmeric has intense healing and therapeutic properties. Turmeric can effectively combat and fight against the microbes which infest your skin. Turmeric has the ability to reverse the sun damage and controls the formation of lesions while maintaining a balanced state of the skin.

Final Thought


Use all the above herbs to your benefit. Some of them can be added to salads while others can be applied as face masks and the rest can be used to make tea. Make the most of them and do not underestimate the effect of exercising in retaining your youth. If possible also include anti-aging foods in your daily food intake.

If you find it difficult to procure the above herbs, you can go for anti-aging skin care products like Natura Beaute Youth Cream. It is a product blended with nature’s goodness to give you the same effects as these herbs would have.

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Prodroxatone Vitamin C Serum – PureJuvenate Dark Spot Remover – Claim it Now!

Prodroxatone-Vitamin-C-SerumProdroxatone Vitamin C Serum

Skin aging is an inevitable process, which every lady has to face at some point of her life. But now you can evade them with the help of Prodroxatone Vitamin C Serum and PureJuvenate Dark Spot Remover. Like all I also became the victim of unsightly aging signs after crossing the age of 35. Seeing my horrible look, my heart filled with the fear of losing the affection and love of my husband. But my fear didn’t last for long as I found the solution to overcome that in the form of these two products. To reveal how these helped me out, read this review till end.


Step 1 – Prodroxatone Vitamin C Serum

Our skin is the most sensitive part of our body and is regularly remain exposed to UV light, pollutants or cigarette smoke. These factors make it deprived of moisture contents and contribute to skin aging. Moreover the natural process of skin cell generation along with other cellular process also contribute in the development of aging signs that get prominent with each passing year. But with this solution, it is now possible to reverse the effects of skin aging.

About the Solution

This is a Vitamin C based solution, which helps in making the skin look younger and fresh effortlessly. It fights with multiple factors that cause skin to age and development of various age induced symptoms. It offers long lasting results and not only helps in rendering a younger look by combating existing aging signs, but also acts as a barrier against various environmental and natural factors and prevents development of new ones.


Know the Ingredients

It is a natural solution, which is blended with the goodness of Vitamin C, Aloe Vera and Glycerin. These components act together to impart firmness to the skin while keeping it away from dryness.

How Does it Work?

This breakthrough solution is primarily composed of vitamin C, which is considered essential for maintaining youthfulness of the skin. It solution helps in stabilizing the level of this critical nutrient to counteract the formation of wrinkles and other aging signs by boosting collagen production. Also, this formula replenishes the skin’s moisture level and combats negative impacts of dryness on the skin. Enriched with antioxidants, it shields the skin from the harmful impacts of free radicals and ensures its overall protection.

Benefits it Offers

  • Reduces visibility of wrinkles

  • Enhances skin hydration

  • Counteracts the effects of stress on the skin

Now have a look on the second product, which helps you to get an overall flawless and beautiful skin with ease.

PureJuvenateStep 2 – PureJuvenate Dark Spot Remover

You cannot feel good while carrying a face with dark spots and uneven skin tone. But with this solution, it has now become possible to evade all those age spots and dark spots that make you conscious about your looks.

What is it?

This solution defends your skin from unsightly dark spots and age spots that steal the actual beauty of the face. It is a light weight facial cream, which is formulated with effective and natural ingredients to reveal a clear skin while making age spots and dark spots less visible. When applied regularly in the night, it promises to eliminate traces of acne and reveal a young and radiant look that can attract anyone towards itself instantaneously.


Healthy Ingredients

This is a recipe to a younger and clear look and is prepared by adding Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, Passion Flower Extract, Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract in exact required amount to let you taste amazing results post application.

How Does It Work?

To reveal a radiant and clear look is the motive of this solution. To achieve its goal, it acts topically on the skin surface and repairs all damages that the sun and aging has caused to the skin. It promotes collagen production and acts in the direction to brighten the dark pots so as to impart the skin a radiant glow.

Benefits It offers

  • Results in even skin tone

  • Makes the skin surface smoother

  • Removes traces of past acne

  • Reduces visibility of dark spots and age spots

  • Improves the skin’s texture and complexion

  • Imparts radiant glow to the skin


My Personal Experience

Wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots were becoming the reason of my restless nights as I remained in constant fear of losing the love of my life. But since I got a hand on Prodroxatone Vitamin C Serum and PureJuvenate Dark Spot Remover, all my worries flew away in no time. With their regular application, my skin got able to get free from from ugly looking aging signs while gaining back the radiant glow that was lost with time.


  • Natural in formulationPureJuvenate-Result

  • Eradicates all signs of aging effectively

  • Protects the skin from environmental stresses

  • Keeps the skin smooth and supple by maintaining hydration level

  • Cost effective and safe solution

  • Can be availed with a trial offer


  • Not applicable for the soft skin of young girls

  • Can be obtained online only

  • Not registered with the FDA

Is it Safe to Use?

The makers of these solutions deserve applause for developing such a secure and effective formula which can help ladies in reversing the effect of aging on the skin without letting them to face any side effect. Not only me, but clinical trials and other users of these products also speak aloud about its safety for all types of skin.

Where to Buy?

If you are thinking to have hands on Prodroxatone Vitamin C Serum and PureJuvenate Dark Spot Remover, then rush to their respective sites to get your order placed.